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Keep Ahead of the Game

As my subscribers can tell you, I’m far from a “perma-bear”… or an eternal optimist. I simply want to get into winning trades — no matter what the market is doing — and take the openings I see before the world catches on.

So, if I can impart a single piece of advice today, it’s this… Keep in mind that what you see on a stock chart, that’s the past. The key to our Trader’s Advantage success is our ability to look around the corner and determine what’s heading our way.

As traders, if we have a clear picture of what’s coming, then all we need is a strategy. In Trader’s Advantage, we employ a three-pronged plan of attack:

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Jon Markman

Editor, Trader's Advantage

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Stocks Amble Higher for Another Week

The market is mostly humming along, and so is the economy, as we have seen positive data points released over and over again in the past week.

It’s beginning to look like the United States is really gathering steam and will be stronger than the current consensus by Election Day in November. Bulls have been happy to see both new highs in equities and economic news releases that are largely better than expected.

In today's Trader's Advantage, we took half profits on one trade; I'll provide my second target and my latest instructions for the balance of our Buy List as well.

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Market Returns Surprisingly Strong During Earnings Droughts

Stocks were back to their old tricks today, finally taking a respite after two weeks of solid advances. In turn, all the anti-stock fragments of the market – mostly Treasurys, gold and utilities – counter-programmed their equity cousins by rising. It was kind of nice to see the old relationships click into place.

The pullback of sentiment led to a 120-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrials at one point, though the narrow market benchmark finished with a mere 72-point, or 0.4%, loss. Among the other benchmarks, only the Russell 2000 fared worse, winking 0.5%, while the Nasdaq only fell 0.3%.

In today's Trader's Advantage, we'll go over all of our open positions.

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Microsoft Leads Tech Higher

Stocks were up in lackluster late afternoon trading, led by technology after an earnings beat by Microsoft.

Defensive stocks lagged, the dollar was stronger, gold lost 1%, silver got clobbered by 2.5% and oil was up 0.7%.

In today's Trader's Advantage, we'll go over a profitable exit and review all of our current positions.

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Market Yawns, Rolls Over

Stocks were largely lower on Tuesday as earnings season begins to accelerate with uninspiring results so far. Better housing starts and a downgraded International Monetary Fund global growth forecast also affected risk sentiment.

Financials and techs managed to eke out small gains, while all other sectors closed in negative territory, led by a decline in materials and energy stocks. In today's Trader's Advantage, I'm canceling an unfilled buy order and adding four new trades, then I'll review the current positions.

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