Stocks will be hungry for growth after emotional reset

December 6, 2013

With the market chopping around a bit after racing to new highs, it’s nice to see the bulls take a breath, which should be a good sign that we’ll see... Continue Reading »

The best plays for November

November 4, 2013

While buying the market is not a bad idea, there are specific plays that may hold more promise for investors than an index ETF. Here are a few plays that... Continue Reading »

Bond volatility's grim message for the market

June 6, 2013

As the Fed continues to issue hints about its “tapering” program, the bond market has gotten more nervous because the government’s regular bond purchases have set prices, and no one... Continue Reading »

Daily Issues

Investors Losing Patience with High-Multiple Stocks

April 24, 2014

Stocks resumed their Q1 earnings parade on Thursday with a performance that was at turns confounding, curious and just a little bit crazy. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq ended right side up with gains of 0.2% and 0.5%, respectively, but the Dow Jones Industrials were flat and the Russell 2000 was pushing up daisies.

You don't normally see the big indexes put up results that are so erratic, but that just shows how company-specific the news has been this month. Normally, you see whole groups move in tandem, whether it's growth stocks or value stocks, or techs as a group, or retailers as a group. Not so this year, when dozens of stocks are in their own little universe, riding high or riding low, or just wandering around aimlessly with a half-confused look on their faces.

In today's Trader's Advantage, I'll share some analyst findings that point to an interesting trend that emerged during the mid-April smackdown, and I have one new recommendation for you today that is being traded at a discount. Then I'll update you with my latest instructions for our current trades, including canceling one unfilled buy order.

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Trades Update

April 23, 2014

The six-day rally came to a halt on Wednesday as disappointing new-home sales provoked a broad-market decline. All in all, the losses came to 0.1% for the Dow, 0.2% for the S&P, 0.8% for the Nasdaq and 0.7% for the Russell 2000 small-caps.

Looking at the key S&P sectors, half closed in the red while the other half managed to scrape out small gains. Telecom was the day's biggest loser by far, declining 2.1%, while energy and industrials outperformed with gains around 0.4%. In today's Trader's Advantage, I'll update you on the latest action in our Buy List, and I'm revising the unfilled buy order for a new trade that gapped up on earnings.

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Trades Update

April 22, 2014

Equities put in another positive day on Tuesday, extending the recovery rally into its sixth consecutive session. The S&P 500 added 8 points, or 0.4%, the Dow Jones closed up by 65 points, or 0.4%, and the Nasdaq added 1% to lead the way higher.

Biotech stocks rebounded once again and contributed to the Nasdaq's outperformance, while health care, consumer discretionary and financials also posted gains. Overall, eight of 10 S&P sectors finished in the green.

In today's issue of Trader's Advantage, I have one new trade to add to our Buy List, and I'm canceling two orders that we have been unable to fill. I'll also review one position that we were stopped out of and another that we took partial profits in, as well as the rest of our current recommendations.

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