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Keep Ahead of the Game

As my subscribers can tell you, I’m far from a “perma-bear”… or an eternal optimist. I simply want to get into winning trades — no matter what the market is doing — and take the openings I see before the world catches on.

So, if I can impart a single piece of advice today, it’s this… Keep in mind that what you see on a stock chart, that’s the past. The key to our Trader’s Advantage success is our ability to look around the corner and determine what’s heading our way.

As traders, if we have a clear picture of what’s coming, then all we need is a strategy. In Trader’s Advantage, we employ a three-pronged plan of attack:

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Jon Markman

Editor, Trader's Advantage

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Early Advance Fades by Wednesday's Close

Stocks opened higher but closed flat to down in late afternoon trading following OPEC's announcement of a production cap agreement and mostly positive economic data. Energy and financials stocks topped the list of gainers, while utilities and telecom lagged. Crude oil was sharply higher, and gold was lower.

The S&P 500 Volatility Index (VIX) was fairly flat, which suggests that institutional investors are copacetic with the current environment — not too worried, not overly calm.

As many of you may have read in my note earlier, today’s issue will serve as the final Trader’s Advantage issue I’ll be bringing you.

This farewell is bittersweet. I am excited to have a chance to focus all of my energy on my services at Markman Capital Insight in the years ahead, but I have certainly enjoyed helping you profit from markets over the past 10 years in this letter – and sharing my perspectives along the way.

I’m proud of all of the incredible trading opportunities we found together, particularly during difficult periods such as the bear cycle of 2007-2008 as well as during the great times like the recovery out of the lows in 2009, and the extreme volatility of 2010-2011.

In more recent years we have had some great wins as well as some unfortunate non-wins, but in every situation we learned something about the world, the markets and ourselves.

Many of you have reached out to me on occasion, and I want you to know that I have appreciated your feedback and support. I wish you all the best and hope you find much investing success in the future.

Here are my final updates on our current trades:

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Family Drama in OPEC Keeps Market Down

Stocks were modestly higher on Tuesday, but closed off their best levels. Crude oil and energy stocks were under pressure due to renewed infighting among OPEC countries over a production cut. Meanwhile, health care stocks helped lead the market higher on an earnings beat and lifted guidance from big insurer UnitedHealthcare (UNH).

Some good economic news bolstered the market early on. U.S. Q3 GDP was revised higher on stronger consumption. Plus, home prices and consumer confidence were recorded at post-recession highs.

In today's Trader's Advantage, I'll review each of our trades and provide my latest recommendations.

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Rally Taps the Brakes Post-Holiday

Stocks were lower in light trading on Monday, with no clear catalyst driving the action. Political developments, the potential for a three-state recount in the U.S. presidential elections, Black Friday sales levels and the upcoming OPEC meeting all received attention.

Financials, energy and health care led the way lower, while utilities and telecom stocks were the biggest gainers. Crude oil and gold were both sharply higher.

In today's Trader's Advantage, we'll review the current positions, and I'm adjusting a few trade parameters.

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Stocks Close Mixed Ahead of Thanksgiving

Industrial, telecom, financials and materials stocks led the gainers today, while utilities, real estate and consumer staples lagged. Bulls were energized by a blow-out earnings report from farm machinery maker Deere (DE), while pharma and biotech weakness weighed on the health care stocks.

Treasuries were weaker across the curve again, the U.S. dollar was up, gold was down 2% and crude oil was flattish following renewed uncertainty about a production cap.

In today's Trader's Advantage, we'll review how that action affected our trades, and I'll provide my latest recommendations.

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