About Trader's Advantage

Trading stocks is a risky aspect of investing. Subscribe to Jon Markman's Trader's Advantage to avoid getting burned by trading in and out of the wrong stocks. In this daily trading service, Jon identifies the best stocks to trade in and out of for the greatest profits.

How does Jon find these stocks? He uses a combination of technical analysis and fundamental research to determine which stocks are poised to move quickly, regardless of the current trend in the market. Subscribers then ride these stocks as they break out to new highs (or lows, in the case of short recommendations).

Talk is fine, but you want to know the results where the rubber meets the road. Check out these big winners that Trader's Advantage subscribers have captured in the last year:


  • EMES (1/2 position) 2 weeks, 25% gain
  • WFM (1/2 position) 3 days, 20% gain
  • AMKR (1/2 position) 15 days, 13% gain
  • VDSI (full position) 1 day, 13% gain


  • KO July 40 Calls (1/2 position) 16 days, 109% gain
  • EWJ July 13 Puts (1/2 position) 6 days, 100% gain
  • EEM Jan 40 Puts (1/2 position) 9 days, 98% gain
  • EWJ July 13 Puts (1/2 position) 7 days, 88% gain
  • NFLX Aug 110 Puts (1/2 position) 6 days, 86% gain
  • BRBK April 115 Calls (1/2 position) 5 days, 84% gain
  • CI June 130 Calls (1/2 position) 3 days, 79% gain
  • MO Nov 46 Calls (1/2 position) 2 days, 68% gain

Subscribers to Trader's Advantage get a daily e-mail with market analysis and new buy/sell advice; access to the Trader's Advantage website and buy list; access to the forum section to discuss stocks and the market; access to special online events; and flash alerts as situations warrant.

Jon encourages you to take full advantage of all the valuable tools that are available to you as part of your service so that you always have the guidance and confidence necessary to make smart decisions about your investments. If you're not a subscriber, you can discover more of the key features of the Trader's Advantage service when you sign up for a risk-free trial today!