Subscription Features

Now that you're a Trader's Advantage subscriber, it's time to get familiar with the many features that come with the service.

Daily Online Issues

Each day, you'll receive a full issue of Trader's Advantage, with Jon's newest trade recommendations and updates on existing trades. Your Monday and Thursday newsletters also will include Jon's in-depth analysis of the market, economy and important sectors. The new trades that Jon recommends likely will be powerful momentum stocks breaking out to new highs, beaten-down stocks on the brink of a sharp reversal or stocks likely to enter (or continue) a free fall that are good candidates to short. Jon also will recommend options plays from time to time when he sees an opportunity to leverage returns without taking on excessive risk. On long stock plays, he does this by adding long call options.

Weekly Podcasts

Every Friday, Jon will give you his take on the latest market trends and news drivers in the Markman-In-A-Minute Podcast. The podcast will be available at the top of the Friday trades update and via the Podcast Archive on the website.

Flash Alerts

Flash Alerts are a critical part of your Trader's Advantage service. Jon's trades are designed to take advantage of fast-moving trends, so he sometimes needs to contact you outside of the regular daily issues.

When this need arises, he'll send you a Flash Alert email with all of the information you need: a new trading opportunity, an exit recommendation to lock in profits or minimize risk, changes to his advice -- or any other important news. Flash Alerts also are available via the "Alerts" section of the Trader's Advantage website.

Please note: Jon will send out a Flash Alert only when he believes there's crucial information you need to know or action you need to take. Jon won't send a Flash Alert for every news event affecting our stocks.

Buy List

The Buy List page on the Trader's Advantage website contains all of Jon's current recommendations and advice, including buy limits, target prices and stop-loss prices for each trade. The Buy List is updated each time he recommends a new trade, closes out an existing trade or adapts his advice on any existing trades. Be sure to check the Buy List frequently to make sure you have his very latest advice.

My Portfolio

Jon designed this tool specifically for Trader's Advantage subscribers. It's a way to stay organized and on top of the trades in your personal portfolio. Remember: The online Buy List is a guide only, and in this "My Portfolio" area, you'll be able to keep up with how our stocks are performing in your own portfolio.

Special Events

Jon occasionally hosts online webinars exclusively for Trader's Advantage members to give them insight into the markets and his outlook for the weeks and months ahead. We will let you know when the next one will take place.

Subscriber-Only Website

You'll have complete access to our Trader's Advantage website, 24/7. Here, you'll be able to see all of the current trades and detailed analysis of Jon's strategy, as well as archives of daily updates, flash alerts and online conferences -- plus much more, all at your own convenience.


The Trader's Advantage forum allows you to read and participate in discussions on some of my current and previous holdings, as well as general market commentary. Be sure to participate in this helpful tool.

As you can see, Jon is committed to making sure that you always have all the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your investments.

Plus, subscribers are covered by our risk-free 100%, every penny-back 30-day guarantee!