Trader's Advantage Guide

Welcome to Trader's Advantage!

As we get started together, I want to encourage you to take full advantage of all the valuable tools that are available to you as part of your service. My goal is to be there for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you always have the guidance and confidence to make smart decisions about your investments.

Step by Step: How to Get Started

I've laid out a step-by-step plan here to help you get started with Trader's Advantage, providing information on all the vital resources and tools that you'll have at your disposal as a valued subscriber. Let's take a closer look at each of these tools and how they can serve you as we profit together.

Step 1:

Great news! You've already taken the first step to getting started with my Trader's Advantage service by visiting the subscriber-only website. The Trader's Advantage website contains everything that you need, and you can access it with the simple click of a mouse. On the site, I have archives of my Daily Issues, as well as Alerts, Buy List, My Portfolio, Upcoming Events and my Watch List.

In order to access the website, you'll need to create a unique username and password. Setting it up is simple and should take only a minute or two. All you will need is your account number. But remember, if you are already a subscriber to any other InvestorPlace Media service, you can just use your existing username and password to access the Trader's Advantage website.

Step 2:

You're already at the Trader's Advantage website, so be sure to check out my Daily Issues first, as I will identify beaten-down stocks on the brink of reversal and powerful momentum stocks breaking out to new highs. It's important to stay on top of our individual investments and marketplace events that could affect them. That's why I want to be in contact on a daily basis. Each issue will be posted on my website after the close of the market. You also will receive an email telling you when the new issue has been posted. These daily issues will include important action items regarding new and existing trades, so it's critical that you read each issue carefully.

Step 3:

Next, take a look at the Trader's Advantage Buy List page on the website. It contains all of my current recommendations. You'll find current buy limits, targets and any other quick-reference information that will help you decide which recommendations fit your investment needs best.

I update the Buy List each time there is a new recommendation, a sale of a recommendation or an important update to any of our holdings. In general, in Trader's Advantage our holding period will average a few days to several weeks or even months. Each week, I'll provide you with a few "swing trades" that are designed to offer profits over a short period of time. I'll also let you know when the time comes to sell these trades via email alerts or newsletters. I like to use target and stop prices, which you can read more about here and here.

Step 4:

Then, be sure to check out whether I've sent out any Flash Alerts recently. Many of our trades are designed to take advantage of fast-moving trends. Therefore, not all of my trading advice will happen after the day's trading session ends. Occasionally, I'll need to contact you in between daily issues when the market is open. When this need arises, I'll send you an email containing all of the information you need to take advantage of that day's events. Flash Alerts may contain new buy recommendations, sell recommendations, hold information, target/stop updates and any other important information affecting our holdings that day.

Please note: I'll send out an Alert only when I believe there is crucial information that you need to know about or action that you need to take ASAP. I won't sent an Alert for every news event affecting our stocks.

Step 5:

Another integral part of your Trader's Advantage service is the My Portfolio section. This tool gives you an easy way to track the performance of all your Trader's Advantage stocks in one convenient location. You can put all your stocks into one portfolio or divide them up by sector or however you like. You can even add stocks that aren't recommended in the newsletter. The choice is yours.

Step 6:

As a Trader's Advantage subscriber, you also will have access to the Special Reports section. Special Reports give me the opportunity to provide you with information that is critical to understanding how to successfully trade, and they're a great place to start for new subscribers. Each one contains an in-depth look at a particular topic. You can access all my Special Reports on the Trader's Advantage website.

As you can see, I am committed to making sure that you always have all the information you need to make the best decisions regarding your investments.

If you ever have any questions relating to my advice, click on the "Ask Jon" link.