Username & Password

How do I create a Username / Password?

To create a unique Username and Password, you will need your account number. If you do not have a record of it, your account number can be found in your emailed issues. If you did not place your order online, you can call Customer Service at 800-211-6359 and an agent will assist you. Click here to create your Username and Password now.

My Username and Password aren't working.

Remember, your Password is case sensitive, so you must type it in exactly the way you set it up.

I forgot my Username / Password. What do I do?

If you've forgotten either your Username or Password, we can email them to you at the email address you provided when you signed up. Click here for this option. If you didn't provide an email address, you can call Customer Service at 800-211-6359, and an agent will assist you.

I just subscribed to the service, but I don't know my order number.

You received an account number in the confirmation email that was delivered to you when you completed your order online. You will also see it referenced in your emailed issues and can then use it to set up your Username and Password. If you did not place your order online, then you may call our Customer Service team at 800-211-6359 for assistance.

I already gave you an email address when I signed up for the service, why do I have to give it to you again?

The email you gave us when you created your Username and Password will be used only to send you an email if your forget your Username and Password. For security purposes, we keep this information separate from your other account information, so it is possible for you to have more than one email address on record with us.

How do I change my Username and Password?

If you have already created a unique Username and Password, click here to change it.

This will require your account number, which can be found within your emailed issues.

Why do I have to re-enter my Username and Password?

The system uses cookies to keep track of your Username and Password. As long as you are within our web site, you should not need to re-enter your Username and Password. However, if you have cookies disabled, you may need to re-enter this information if you leave the site and come back again.